EDBCO-19 Emergency DataBase of COVID-19

Emergency DataBase of COVID-19 (EDBCO-19) urgent build database about novel coronavirus for the comportment of scientific community. A corona disease epidemic in 2019 (COVID-19) has occurred in Wuhan China since December 2019 and has quickly spread, now being reported in several countries (Yang et al., 2020), approximately 190 out of 252 nations. Screening in high-risk populations and improving measurement sensitivity can help diagnose and handle the asymptomatic infection.(Hu and Ci, 2020) to know more about we have mini-review, which would include the dally and auto-notifications after 10 minutes, numerous new reported cases for period-over-period, multiple new confirmed cases for fixed-base, and the period-over-period rate of development of new confirmed cases, the EDBCO-19 will provide confirmed cases, number of death, recovered, number of new death, number of new cases, number of critical Cases, number of active cases and density of cases per meter of each and every country by clicking country flag, the aim of this study is to provide an easy way to the scientific community about COVID-19.