BDSR: (Biological DataBase for Scientific Reseach)

Biological databases and sites are the biological research libraries compiled from research projects, peer-reviewed literature, high-throughput experimentation [Wheeler, D.L., et al, KhanSA, J.M., et al, Bourne, P., et al,] analysis of genetic diseases, genetic genealogy or genetic fingerprinting for criminology, and computational analysis[Ulrich-Merzenich, G., et al]. They include information from genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, microarray gene expression, and phylogenetics studies[Rezaei, J., et al.]. Gene function, structure, location (both cellular and chromosomal), clinical implications of mutations[Rebhan, M., et al]. Among them we have listed some commonly using sites and databases or tools to one platform named FBDS. Further. We have publicly offered everyone the opportunity of adding more sites and databases. Our goal is to gather all biological databases or sites to one platform where users can directly choose and obtain the information they require with a single click.