crdb: (Cancer Research Database)

The advancement of cancer research has been facilitated through freely available cancer databases and tools. The age of genomics and big data has given rise to the need for cooperation and data sharing in order to make efficient use of this new information. Here, we define the web database for cancer research and score them on the basis of the variety types of cancer, sample size, completeness of omics results, and user interface. The advancement of modern genomic technology such as microarrays, proteomics, transcriptomics, and gene sequencing has resulted in the generation of a huge amount of cancer data (Sarode, Sarode et al. 2018) therefore the first challenge of these multi omics cancer data was the design and use of electronic databases to store and manage the stormy amount of knowledge (Percudani, Carnevali et al. 2013), a number of databases have been published in this research area which explain wide-ranging information about the cancer research, e.g. RespCanDB, cBioPortal, these databases exploring, analyzing and visualizing, multidisciplinary cancer genomics data to make it easier a well comprehensive and easy accessible platform is needed for cancer researchers, here is we have collected almost 86 all the cancer databases and categorized them into 5 categories on the bases of datatypes, i.e. Data Portal database, Genomic database, Proteomic, Expression database, Gene database and Mutation database, furthermore we have provided a database of all cancer databases and provided an easy way to access these databases on three ways, User can direct search by typing the name of the database in the search bar or can click by image expression or name.


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Database Status: Published

The Cancer Research Database (CRDB): Integrated Platform to Gain Statistical Insight Into the Correlation Between Cancer and COVID-19
Shahid Ullah*, Farhan Ullah , Dimitrios A Karras, Wajeeha Rahman, Gulzar Ahmad, Muhammad Ijaz, Tianshun Gao

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