ldbpr: (Latest Data Base of Protein Research)

A Latest DataBase of Protein Research ( LDBPR) is a collection of latest Scientific data that has been raised from physical, chemical and biological information on Protein sequence, structure, Modal, domain, function, and proteinā€protein interactions with others. These data cannot be managed without the use of computational databases, which become a crucial part of modern biology, Database search is always the first step in the analysis of a new protein, the use of several databases also helps researchers to understand the evolution, structure, and function of proteins. We have collected almost all major and well known databases with short introduction, that how to illustrate their features and how they can be used effectively, such as NCBI(Coordinators 2018), UniProt(Consortium 2018), STRING (Szklarczyk, Gable et al. 2019) , BindingDB (Gilson 2019), SUBA (Hooper, Castleden et al. 2018). Some widely known protein databases are far from being fully sued by the scientific community, which offers a starting point for researchers to explore the potential of protein databases on the Internet, therefore, we have collected 563 Databases and further categorized into 6 classes which are Protein Sequence Database, Protein Structure Database, Protein Model Database, Protein Protein and Other Interaction Database (PP&OI), Protein Pathway and Protein Expression Database. The (LDBPR) can be explored by three methods, i.e. can be browsed either by clicking on the name or images of the following species or by typing a name of the database in the search bar given above.


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Database Status: Published

LDBPR: Latest Database of Protein
Shahid Ullah, Tianshun Gao, Wajeeha Rahman2, Farhan Ullah, Riffat Jahan, AneesUllah, Gulzar Ahmad, Muhammad Ijaz, Yihang Pan

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