db-pr (Data Base of Plants Research)

DataBase of Plants have been an integral part of modern biology. Enormous quantities of data are produced from plants, such as protein functions, and particularly sequences, MPIM database (Orsini, Oliveira et al. 2015), P3DB (Gao, Agrawal et al. 2009), plant RNA database and web-site incorporates knowledge from numerous independent computer-assisted searches and databases such as PsnoRNA database (Brown, Echeverria et al. 2003), PceRBase database (Yuan, Meng et al. 2017) and CSRDB (Johnson, Bowman et al. 2007), The Pathway database is a database of biochemical pathways for metabolic, signaling, reaction and control. eg (Fabregat, Jupe et al. 2018, MetaCrop) ,PLaMoMdb Yan et al. 2016) while plant DNA database have genomic details of different plants, such as PLAZA (Vandepoele, Van Bel et al. 2013), Planteome (Cooper, Meier et al. 2018),AtGDB (Dong, Schlueter et al. 2004),According to the above query, we have collected and integrated 118 far more popular and accessible plants databases from the latest published literature and have constructed a well-known plant database (DB-PR) that will be very convenient and supportive for science community. From the existing literature, we have categorized the collection of plants databases into 5 sections, DNA, RNA, Protein, Expression and Pathway, and have provided 3 forms of search options, either navigate by clicking the name, images, or search by name in the search bar.

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