chcrd: (Comprehensive Hub of Cancer Research Databases)

In any field of study, biological databases are the first step. Several databases in cancer research have been published to make it easier and faster for the cancer research community. By sharing a common parameter with different search engines, we were able to collect practically all research databases into one platform named CHCRD. The first stage in creating a successful observational database was to create a research database structure that included data items. We defined the important categories of the cancer databases to which readers want answers, and data elements need to be captured. The second phase was to compare various data collection methods and make recommendations for more efficient ones. Data capture with minimal human effort is a critical step in maintaining a database for a long time. The goal of this study is to offer a multi-center observational cancer research database structure that includes all cancer research data, as well as to recommend effective data collection methods that are linked to clinical information systems. Our goal is to create a research database system with accessible data access, clear scientific reproducibility, and cross-center interoperability. The database is created using computer platforms like as PHP, HTML CSS, and JavaScript.

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