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Posted on January 20, 2020 by Dr. Shahid Ullah

Database Name: ReMap DB
DataBase Category: DNA

eMap is an integrative analysis of Homo sapiens and Arabidopsis thaliana transcriptional regulators from DNA binding experiments such as ChIP seq, ChIP exo, DAP seq from public sources (GEO, ENCODE, ENA). The ReMap human atlas consists of 165 million (M) peaks from 1,135 transcription factors (TFs), transcription coactivators (TCAs) and chromatin remodeling factors (CRFs). The ReMap Arabidopsis regulatory atlas consists of 2.6M peaks from 372 transcriptionnal regulators. We provide also a catalog of 33 histone modifications and variants across 4.5M peaks. All catalogs are available to browse or download either for a given TF or biotype (cell line, tissue), or for the entire dataset.

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