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pathway Data Base

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The pathway is the roadmaps for molecular biology, Fungi pathway databases aimed to show the connections between genes, proteins, and metabolites, which is the important key to understand different processes occurring inside the cell(Villaveces, Koti et al. 2015). Fungi pathway diagram databases provide useful information for researchers to contribute interpret and visualize omics data which are used to simplify more complex analytical tasks such as cellular modeling(Kuan, Yew et al. 2016). Numerous fungi pathway databases have been usable in scientific research, some of among them is KEEG Yeast (Kanehisa, Goto et al. 2002), Yeast Net (Herrgard, Swainston et al. 2008), Yeast Cyc (Gutierrez, Gomez-Flechoso et al. 2017) etc