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Welcome to FDBC

FDBC: Fungi Databases collection: is a database of the fungi, which has collected 76 databases from scientific published literature. An approximate 2.2-3.8 million species of heterotrophic eukaryotes compose the fungal kingdom(Prakash, Irinyi et al. 2017). The next-generation sequencing technologies are producing rapid sequencing data of all species including fungi and yeast (Percudani, Carnevali et al. 2013). Scientists have been highly inspired by the concept and potential of system biology to integrate the evidence produced by numerous omics methods (e.g., genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics) to build a more systematic view of cells, species, and populations in terms of their development, growth, evolution(Pinu, Beale et al. 2019), therefore the first challenge of omics data was the design and use of electronic databases to store and manage a large amount of information in a single platform. In this work we have provided access to almost all fungi databases by two ways, user can search by clicking the Image expression icon, or can direct type the name of needed databases in the search bar.