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DB-FBPA ( DataBase of Fungus, Bacteria, Protozoa & Algae )

Warm welcome to DataBase of Fungus, Bacteria, Protozoa and Algae, (DB-FBPA), DB-FBPA is a comprehensive database of 2020. It includes a set of manually collected and integrated collocation of updated databases, (eg Fungorum, 2020, mushroom db 2020, CSDB 2020, YPD 2020 ) Which are well known and useable databases for scientific community, Sk-Lab has tried to include all scientific data for fast browsing, since we have developed DB-FBPA in 4 categories, Fungus, Bacteria, Protozoa and Algae, and given 3 search choices that can be browsed either by clicking on the name or images of the following species or by typing a name of the database in the search bar given above. However, we have compiled and optimized 187 databases from previously published literatures by using different search parameters.