Database: SUBA

The Arabidopsis Subcellular Database (SUBA, http://suba.plantenergy.uwa.edu.au) is maintained by the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology at The University of Western Australia. The database contains publicly available protein subcellular localisation data from a variety of sources from the model plant Arabidopsis. The database can be relationally interrogated through a purpose built web interface that enables powerful SQL queries to be formulated against the datasets. Localisation information include data from chimeric fluorescent fusion protein studies, large scale proteomic analyses of subcellular compartments, literature and homology information (Gene Ontology annotations, Swiss-Prot and gene descriptors) and pre-computed bioinformatic prediction of localisation by 10 software packages. These data provide non-redundant subcellular localisation information on approximately 7000 Arabidopsis proteins and bioinformatic localisation information for all ~30,000 proteins in the database.

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