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uman interactome mapping is the flagship project of CCSB. A first map of the human binary interactome (Rual et al Nature 2005) was obtained by yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) screening for direct, binary interactions within a 'Space I' matrix of ~8,000 x 8,000 ORFs contained in Human ORFeome v1.1 (Rual et al Genome Res 2004). We have developed an empirical framework that quantitatively measures the parameters of screening completeness, assay sensitivity, sampling sensitivity, and precision, and used this framework to estimate the size of the human binary interactome as ~130,000 ± 32,000 binary interactions (Venkatesan et al Nat Methods 2009). Using a novel next-generation sequencing strategy to identify interaction pairs (Yu et al Nat Methods 2011), we have carried out a Y2H screen for interactions within a “Space II” matrix of ~13,000 x 13,000 ORFs contained in Human ORFeome v5.1. We report ~14,000 new direct, binary interactions (Rolland et al Cell 2014), bringing the total number of unique binary interactions to ~17,000. Mapping of the Reference human interactome has begun, with early release of Human ORF collection for binary interaction screening and binary protein-protein interactions from a small test search space being used to develop, optimize, and benchmark improvements to the mapping pipeline, as well as preliminary data. more

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