Database: Laminins

Laminins correspond to a large number of heretotrimeric glycoproteins, playing and a major role in several cell functions, including differentiation, proliferation, adhesion, and migration. The first laminin, presently named laminin-111, was identified more than 30 years ago by Rupert Timpl in Germany (PMID: 114518). Since then a large number of isoforms have been described, with specificities in terms of tissue distribution as well as cellular functions (PMID: 19693542, PMID: 15979864). In addition to binging to other extracellular matrix proteins, laminins bind specific cell membrane receptors, several of them are integrins, such as α3β1, α6β1, α6β4 and α7β1 (PMID: 19693542, PMID: 19693543). Taking together, one can easily realize the high degree of biological complexity in laminin-mediated interactions, in both health and disease.

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