Database: The Database of Differential Protein-Protein Interactions in Human Tissues

Large-scale protein-protein interaction (PPI) detection screens tend to provide limited physiological context. DifferentialNet enables users to evaluate the PPIs of query proteins across tissues, such that PPIs that are relatively stable across tissues are filtered out while PPIs that show relative changes across tissues are highlighted. Users can find, for example, the possible interactions of a query protein in heart compared to all other tissues, find interaction partners that are common across all tissues (not differential), or find the tissues where a specific interaction is up- or down-regulated. The differential PPIs can be used to identify tissue-specific protein functions, and to unravel processes that are tissue-wide yet tailored to the specific demands of each tissue. DifferentialNet supports 42 different human tissues from the GTEx project, and 27 human tissues from the HPA project using RNA-sequencing data.

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