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Welcome to DBHR

The biological databases are libraries of life sciences information, provides access to genomic data,(Wheeler, Church et al., 2002) analysis of genetic diseases, genetic genealogy or genetic fingerprinting for criminology (Ulrich-Merzenich, Panek et al. 2009), physical, chemical and biological information on sequence, domain structure, function, three dimensional structure and protein-protein interactions (Cho, Park et al. 2002), relationships between medical conditions, symptoms, and medications (Rebhan, Chalifa-Caspi et al. 1997), and information on cell signaling pathways (Bauer‐Mehren, Furlong et al. 2009), is the great contribution by the scientific community. We are therefore bringing together a set of human-related database that are commonly used and currently available. As database classification based on data type is insightful, we allocate one major category to each database, although a single database can lead to multiple categories. In what follows, the emphasis is on databases classified as DNA Database, RNA Database, Protein Database, Expression Database, Pathway Database and Disease Database. The (DBHR) can be explored in three ways, i.e. it can be searched either by clicking on the name or the picture or by entering the name of the database in the search bar above.

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