Category: Fungus

The growth in public fungal detection repositories is worthy of notice. This can be due to increased access to molecular method for characterizing fungi and to distinguishing species within different classes of fungi(Prakash, Irinyi et al. 2017).e.g(PHI-base(Winnenburg, Baldwin et al. 2006), UNITE(Abarenkov, Henrik Nilsson et al. 2010), FunCoup 4(Ogris, Guala et al. 2018)).the Fungal Genomics database at the Broad Institute has sequenced and analyzed a wide diversity of fungal organisms that are important to medicine, agriculture and industry. Over 100 fungi have been sequenced, including human and plant pathogens as well as fungi that serve as basic models for molecular and cellular biology(Stajich, Harris et al. 2012).