Category: Algae

Progress in genome sequencing is proceeding at an exponential pace, and several new algal genomes are becoming available every year(Lopez, Casero et al. 2011). Such as (Dictydb (Li, Cox et al. 2011), Algae Base(Guiry and Guiry 2008)). The Algal Functional Annotation database is a robust database analytics package that incorporates annotation data from many repositories of the family of pathways, ontology, and proteins. The new edition includes annotation for the alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii form, and additional genomes will be added in future. The database helps users to view large gene lists through the recognition and enrichment of related functional words. Additionally, in order to include an expression-based enrichment scan, expression data for many experimental conditions were compiled and analyzed(Lopez, Casero et al. 2011).