Category: genomic

Genome Databases is the official central archive for genetic structure(Buchan, Shepherd et al. 2002), feature(Guo, Rivero et al. 2011), development(Singh, Zaki et al. 2008), visualization(Jha, McCall et al. 2001) and editing of genomes(Kiran and Baranov 2010), and it's repositories store both coding(Li, Shi et al. 2018) and non-coding(Yang, Li et al. 2013) intergenic sequence information, which offers links to genetic data provided by the scientific community for more than 900 organisms whose sequencing and mapping is full or in progress, and now it includes more than 57 complete microbial genomes and 245 reference sequences for eukaryotic organelles are available in different genomic databases(Wheeler, Church et al. 2002), Such is GeneNetdb(Kolchanov, Nedosekina et al. 2002), Spliceosome db(Ritchie, Schellenberg et al. 2009) etc. we have collected 64 Genomic Databases for easy search.