Category: Radiological

Radiology is a medical discipline that utilizes diagnostic imaging(Miles 2005) to detect and cure illnesses within the body of organisms, including humans. This category provides details on a variety of imaging techniques(Kumar, Basu et al. 2008), such as x-ray(Wang, Peng et al. 2017), ultrasound(Weiss, Ben-Shlomo et al. 2000), computed tomography (CT)(Messay, Hardie et al. 2015), nuclear medicine(Nakajima, Matsumoto et al. 2016), including positron emission tomography (PET)(Ito, Takahashi et al. 2008) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)(Houssami, Ciatto et al. 2008), used to diagnose or treat diseases. We have collected 32 Radiologic databases from recent published scientific literature.