Category: Proteomic

The Cancer Genome database represents one of numerous international groups dedicated to performing wide-ranging genomic and epigenomic studies of selected cancers types to develop our understanding of disease and provide an open-access resource for international cancer research(Cooper, Demicco et al. 2018). Aiming to improve understanding of the molecular basis of cancer developments(Lee 2016). Several databases are published in this research area, e.g., MethCNA comprehensive database for genomic data in human cancer. In the latest publication it contains about 10,000 tumors samples covering 37 cancer types. All the data were collected from the TCGA and NCBI evaluated using a pipeline that combined multiple computational resources and tools(Deng, Yang et al. 2018), BioMuta is a single-nucleotide variation and disease association database where variations are mapped to genomes and RefSeq nucleotide entries, and incorporated through UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot positional coordinates. The recent version of BioMuta contains only nonsynonymous single-nucleotide variations associated with cancer(Dingerdissen, Torcivia-Rodriguez et al. 2018).