Category: Gene

Gene Databases collects various types of gene data and information related to cancer(Olivier, Eeles et al. 2002), and also provide help to researchers in the understanding of the genetic architecture of complex diseases, and improve the accuracy of diagnosis and the effectiveness of therapy(Su, Liu et al. 2018). Various databases have been published such as The "IARC TP53" Database compiles various types of data and information on human TP53 gene variations related to cancer(Olivier, Eeles et al. 2002), "TGDBs" Gene database includes mechanisms of oncogenic activation, regulation, frequency of involvement in various tumor types, and chromosomal location. Data about the encoded proteins includes the cell type in which they are found, subcellular location, DNA, protein, and ligand binding, role in development, and normal biochemical function(Gong, Wu et al. 2010).