Category: DNA

The DNA database provides access to genomic data contributed by the scientific community to more than 900 species whose sequencing and mapping is completed or ongoing, and now includes more than 57 completed microbial genomes and 245 reference sequences for eukaryotic organelles available in different DNA databases (Wheeler, Church et al., 2002). DNA data can be used for the analysis of genetic diseases, genetic genealogy or genetic fingerprinting for criminology, etc. (Ulrich-Merzenich, Panek et al. 2009) which for the management of DNA data from some specific species (Zou, Ma et al. 2015). Such is DDBJ (Mashima, Kodama et al. 2016). Based on the rapid increase in these databases, we have provided 126 updated DNA databases that can be conveniently searched by clicking the name of the database.