Category: Protein

Databases on plant proteins have been an integral part of modern biology. Enormous quantities of data are produced for plant protein structures, functions, and particularly sequences. Database queries are always the first step in the analysis of a new protein. Comparison between proteins or between groups of proteins offers knowledge about the interaction between proteins inside or through genomes or across species, and therefore provides much greater knowledge than can be gained from researching a single protein alone(Xu 2012). For fact, there are also commonly accessible secondary sources originating from sample datasets. Such repositories restructure and annotate the data or offer predictions. Using several repositories can also help researchers consider a protein's structure and work, although certain plant protein databases are well recognized such as MPIM database(Orsini, Oliveira et al. 2015), P3DB(Gao, Agrawal et al. 2009) etc. they are far from being completely used in the field of protein sciences. This database gives readers a starting point for discovering the value of online plant protein repositories.