Category: phosphorylation

Phosphorylation is a major type of PTMs that is involved in most of the cellular activities and regulates many cellular functions such as cell growth, differentiation, apoptosis and cell signalling in a healthy situation. However, changes in phosphorylation pathways have led to some serious diseases, particularly cancer, some signalling pathways, such as Cyclin-dependent kinase, MAP kinase, Cadherin-catenin Cadherin-catenin complex and Tyrosine kinase etc. It is a complex post-translational modification that can alter protein structure, position, protein-protein interaction and stability. For more detail, a range of databases have been published on this broad category of PTMs, such as Phospho.ELM, PhosphoSitePlus, and further, our aim is to explain the meaning and importance of Phosphorylation for that we have provided access to recent Phosphorylation 19 databases on easy and friendly finding way.